Exercises Modulo 7.2.3


Write positive or negative agreements in the boxes

I prefer going to the cinema than watching films on TV.

, it is really annoying to watch a good film on a small screen.

I like spending.

Tomorrow, I am getting married. My family is coming and my wife’s family is coming, .

I will be attending a new school, and  my cousin.

The new school is opening because our old school building  small for our class. I will have a desk and my classmates, . I won't have to share a book, and my classmates .


Complete with the corresponding expression

A: Hi, Beth, how are your vacations?

B: Oh, fine, thanks. I’m in Paris right now.

A: Oh, I have been to Paris,  . It is beautiful

B: Absolutely. I went to the Louvre and it was incredible.

A: So . I really enjoyed it but I didn’t like the crowd.

B Oh, I agree, I didn’t like it, , but Paris is crowded everywhere.

A: Next year I would like to visit Lille, I’ve heard it is a beautiful city.

B: Oh, I would like to visit that city , but I don’t speak French.

A:  I. I tried to learn it, but I couldn’t

B: I couldn’t learn it, . I would prefer to learn Spanish

A: So !

B: I have to go, Lilly, talk to you later! 

A: Bye!

Complete the following story:  

My parents want us to be doctors, but I don’t like medicine and my brother doesn’t like it, . I dream to be an artist and  my brother, but our mother didn’t agree and , but they respect our choice because I will work hard to be an excellent artist, and  my brother. I want to be a musician and my brother, . Maybe we won’t be famous, but we’re not interested in that, , just to be good and happy. Our parents didn’t have this opportunity, and  our grandparents. My brother feels lucky, and  I.

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