Exercises Modulo 7.2.3

Exercise 1: Watch the following pictures and identify what chore these people are doing and what household supplies, appliances or objects that you know appear in the image / Ejercicio 1: Observa las siguientes imágenes e identifica que tarea del hogar están realizando estas personas y que implementos, objetos o electrodomésticos que conozcas aparecen en la imagen


Exercise 2: Complete the sentences below with the words in the box, you have a picture as a clue in each sentence  / Ejercicio 2: Completa las oraciones debajo con las palabras de la caja, tienes una imagen como pista en cada oración

to iron my clothes
doing the dishes
feed your pet
hang out the laundry
to take out the garbage
making the bed
cook meals
clean suppliances

Ask your neighbor to while you on a trip
I love . It is relaxing to see plants grow up
I really hate . I only do it when I go to the office.  
What is that terrible smell? We have right now!  
Nobody cleans in here, everything is dirty. We will need our
The part I dislike after a big family dinner is
I think that every day is a waste of time
I think it is going to rain, we can’t at the moment
Stop , I can’t hear you! it is very noisy…
We eat every day so we everyday


Exercise 3: Write the words in the right order to make sentences / Ejercicio 3: Escribe las palabras en el orden correcto para hacer oraciones

1. carpet / I / twice / vacuum / a / week / the

2. shopping / When / the / you / do / do ?

3. My / does / mom / the / home / laundry / at

4. Mandy / cleans / bedroom / her / a / times / month / four

5. his/ car/ twice/ washes /Sergio/month/a

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