Exercises Modulo 7.2.4

Exercise 2: Choose the correct answers according to the reading / Ejercicio 2: Elige la respuesta correcta de acuerdo a la lectura

The text is about:

Who is describing the activities?

Who is NOT mentioned in the text?

Exercise 3: Answer the questions according to the reading exercise / Ejercicio 3: Responde las preguntas de acuerdo al ejercicio de lectura

1.- What is the chore her big brother loves to do?

2.- What is the chore the little sister does?

3.- What is the chore her father does?

4.- How many members of the family are there?

Exercise 4: Complete the sentences with the information from the text / Ejercicio 4: Completa las oraciones con la información del texto

There is a in the kitchen with a different for each of us everyday

When I do the , my brother takes out the and my little sister the floor

My dad and my mom does the

I love the dog and I dislike the dishes

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