Exercises Modulo 7.3.1


Put the correct expression in each sentence: Surprise, emphasis or correction

  • They actually brought presents for everyone.

  • You should have children to actually understand parenthood.

  • Actually, I’m not living in Chinatown, I moved two months ago.

  • I actually prefer the mountain to the beach.

  • Oh, I can’t believe they actually got divorced!

  • We don’t speak Chinese. Actually, we speak Cantonese.

  • This is actually more beautiful than I thought.

  • Actually, the whale is a mammal, not a fish.

  • El Padrino is actually the best film ever made.


Complete the sentence with currently or actually? 


  1. Did you buy a Ferrari?
  2. John Biden is the US President.
  3. , the capital of Bolivia is Sucre.
  4. I’m studying English.
  5. , there is a big protest in Paris.
  6. I don’t like horror movies, but I am enjoying the movie.
  7. Only 13 white lions exist in the world.
  8. , the program starts a 8pm.
  9. , it is winter in Japan.
  10. Are you American?


Complete the sentence with actual or actually?


  1. He is the major of the city.
  2. , I think this is an diamond.
  3. I want to have an Stradivarius, not a replica.
  4. Her name is Ronald Stuart.
  5. He is a good major.
  6. , this is not a Stradivarius.
  7. I prefer to watch the match with you, .
  8. He dreams to be an astronaut.
  9. I prefer to watch the match than watch it on TV.


Choose the right answer


1.- The flight departs at 22:00pm.

2.-  Son: Did you buy me a video game?

      Mom: Actually…

3.- Is that Marissa?

4.- Are you Canadian?

5.- A: Anna, how is everything in New York?

     B: Actually, I’m living in Toronto

6.- Actually is a synonym for “in fact”.

7.- Actual and actually mean the same.

8.- Russia and Ukraine are actually at war.

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