Exercises Modulo 7.3.2


Read the following answers and create questions using “actually”.

  • QUESTION   /   Answer
  1. I saw a ghost!
  2. Yes, I actually hate dogs, I’m allergic!
  3. No, it is a lie.
  4. Because I can’t stand our relationship.
  5. Nobody believes I come from 2070!
  6. Of course I met Poe, he was an incredible person
  7. Yes, I live in Hollywood, it is a beautiful place.
  8. I hid it where nobody will never find it.
  9. I know it’s terrible, but yes, I did it.
  10. He is my father; I can’t believe it, either!


Read the following answers and create questions using “actually”.

1. I thought they will free the hostages, but it was tragedy.

2. The lesson was so boring that everybody fell asleep.

3. I’m her mother, not her sister. I had her very young.

4. The movie is quite slow at the beginning, but it is a masterpiece.

5. The Llorona, Mexico’s most famous legend, may be true.

6. Many people think dolphins are fish, but they are mammals.

7. I can’t believe you’re leaving home, time goes by so fast!

8. There is solid evidence that it is impossible to create water on a laboratory.

9. The bamboo is so incredible that you can even eat it.

10. You can’t see the Great Chinese Wall from space, it is a lie.

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