Exercises Modulo 7.4.1

Match these options, writing the correct number into the corresponding box, to create a question about interests and hobbies:

1. What do you do
2. Do you have
3. What activities
4. How often
5. What are you
6. Do you like
7. What do you like
8. Are you
9. What is
10. What do you

  keen on martial arts?

  any dangerous hobby?

  to do for fun?

  interested in?

  your favorite hobby?

  like doing in the afternoons?

  are you into?

  in your free time?

  do you like cycling?

  working out every day?


Add the right preposition to the following statements (in, on, at, about, of, for, X)

  1. Few people are interested horse riding.
  2. My cousin is very good playing baseball.
  3. Your sister is really keen designing video games. 
  4. Our friends are deeply fond playing poker.
  5. I’m terribly bad doing yoga.
  6. My couple and I always relax watching a good movie.
  7. My family is incredibly crazy football.
  8. Teenagers really like writing stories fun.
  9. They love playing cello their free time.
  10. I’m really astronomy and astrology.


Complete with the right word

1. What do you like doing in your __ time?

2. Is there anything special you're interested __?

3. I'm really __ arts.

4. I'm very __ and I enjoy going out with my friends.

5. I like doing martial arts because it keeps me __.

6. Painting is really a __ hobby.

7. If you like yoga, you need a lot of __.

8. When I __ any spare time, I like going camping.

9. Whenever I can, I love ____ photographs.

10. If someone tells about an interesting hobby. You can say, ''That sounds __!''

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