Exercises Modulo 7.4.1

Exercise 1: These are some activities Maggie has done during her vacations. Choose REGULAR or IRREGULAR for each verb in bold / Ejercicio 1: Estas son algunas actividades que Maggie ha hecho durante sus vacaciones. Elige REGULAR o IRREGULAR para cada verbo en negritas

I SURFED many waves in the caribbean.

I WALKED in the streets and meet new people with different cultures

I went camping near a cliff and DISCOVERED an incredible sight

Last Christmas we went skiing in the Pyrenees and it WAS extremely cold

We went on a short hiking tour to the site where several logs TURNED into Stone

I DID canoeing alone in a beautiful lake

We KNEW the downtown in a double decker tourist bus

We went on a Safari trip and SAW many animals

I TASTED different flavours and food

I RESTED on the beach and ENJOYED the sunbathing

Exercise 2: Classify the following verbs into REGULAR with R and IRREGULAR with I / Ejercicio 2: Clasifica los siguientes verbos en verbos REGULARES con R e IRREGULARES con I

Swim-Swam Read-Read Plan-Planned Travel-Traveled
Enjoy-Enjoyed Carry-carried Look-Looked Like-Liked
Eat- Ate Do-Did Walk-walked Fly-Flew
Speak-spoke Take-Took    

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