Exercises Modulo 7.4.2


Why do you enjoy the activity you do. Match the options writing the correct number into the corresponding box:


  1. Doing yoga
  2. Hiking
  3. Celebrating
  4. Playing poker
  5. Going for a walk
  6. Art
  7. Gardening
  8. Cooking
  9. Surfing
  10. Reading


   I don’t like crowds; I prefer quiet places, a good coffee and relax.
   I’m keen on extreme sports and I love the sun and the beach.
   I work with technology, and it’s good for me to spend some time with the nature.
   It helps with my flexibility and keeps me fit.
   I enjoy spending time baking and creating new recipes.
   It gets me out of the house to breathe fresh air and walk the mountain!
   It’s not expensive, and anyone can do it anytime!
   It’s sociable, you share drinks and food.You can meet lots of new people.
   I like gambling and earning some extra money.
   I’ve always enjoyed drawing, colors and designing.


Match the following stories with the corresponding activity

I like to play it on weekends with my friends. We have a small club and we get together and play a game just for fun. We enjoy it because it is nice, we laugh a lot and it is good exercise to get us out of the computer and social media.

Every day after finishing all the housework and chores with the children, I enjoy sitting with them to watch their favorite series, to share more with them and have fun

I usually do it on weekend after school; I like to do it whenever I have some spare time. I like it because it is very relaxing and I get lost in the moment and forget time. I do it in the garage because my parents don’t like all the paint and oil, so I use the backyard in our garden. I can sit in there and no one disturbs me.

I think doing this kind of exercise is a very good thing to do. It really helps you relax and we all need to do that in modern society. I do it every day in the afternoon; it is a sacred part of my routine. I look and feel better and more energized. I would recommend it to everyone.

In my opinion, I believe it is a very useful activity. After all, everybody needs to eat and everyone likes tasty homemade food. All weekends I prepare something special and different for my family. I love it because that way I spend more time with my family and we enjoy that moment together.









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