Exercises Modulo 7.4.2

Exercise 1: Listen to this guy’s vacation and choose the correct option / Ejercicio 1: Escucha las vacaciones del chico y elige la respuesta correcta

1.- How was his trip?

2.- How was the weather?

3.- How were the people?

4.- What did you do?

5.- How was the hotel?

6.- How was the food?

7.- Was it expensive?

8.- What happened to him?

Exercise 2: Listen about this lady’s vacation and write the answers below the correct question / Ejercicio 2: Escucha las vacaciones de la dama y escribe las respuestas correctas debajo de cada pregunta

She was there for three weeks

She went to beach and to the mountain

It was fantastic

It was very cold

Her last vacations were in Vietnam

It was very hot

She swam in the ocean and went hiking to the mountains

No, she didn’t. She went with a friend


Where were her last vacations?

How long did she stay there?

How was it?

What parts of the country did she visit?

How was the south of the country?

How was the north of the country?

What did she do?

Did she go alone?

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