Exercises Modulo 7.4.3

Exercise 1: Add “ed”, “d” or “ied” to these verbs to form the past simple according to the rules / Ejercicio 1: Agrega “ed”, “d” or “ied” a los verbos para formar el tiempo pasado de acuerdo a las reglas

Wash Close Happen
Carry Drop Arrive
Rob Call Paint
Laugh Bake Stop
Plan Hurry Try

Exercise 2: Write the past simple tense of these irregular verbs / Ejercicio 2: Escribe la forma pasada de estos verbos irregulares

See Buy Speak
Go Sell Get
Have Eat Win
Send Drink  Forget
Find Write Come

Exercise 3: Complete with the past of the verb to be (was or were) / Ejercicio 3: Completa con la forma pasada del verbo (was o were)

Mary and Rose  with me in the pyramids

Last vacations my father  in the Caribbean and my mother  in Russia

I  so happy to travel abroad for the first time

Lizzie  excited to travel by plane

We late!  The flight  at 9 and we arrived at 10

Josh and Greta  at home; they spent their vacations in family  

I remember I really happy, but you  sad

There a trip to the mountains organized by the company

Exercise 4: Complete with the past form of the verb in parenthesis from an Australia trip story / Ejercicio 4: Completa con la forma pasada del verbo en paréntesis de una historia de viaje a Australia

Yesterday we  (return) from our vacations. It  (to be) an incredible trip to Australia. I  (go) there with my family. We all  (want) to have a special occasion to remember.

The beaches  (to be) amazing but we  (have) to be careful because there  (to be) many strange animals everywhere.  My brother  (step) on a jellyfish and  (cry) a lot, but he  (to be) fine, he just  (get) scared because my mom  (scream).

I  (see) a kangaroo and a dingo. The first  (jump) very high and the second  (run) really fast! I did not see any Tasmanian Demon, I  (think) they  (live) in Australia. We  (come) back full of energy, with new memories and a lot of souvenirs!.

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