Exercises Modulo 7.4.4

Exercise 1: Complete the text with the following verbs in simple past tense / Ejercicio 1: Completa el texto con los siguientes verbos en tiempo pasado

went    flew      was       were       wanted       arrived       took        was
stopped        said        thought       paid      told      asked


Some time ago my family and I on a trip to Paris. We from New Delhi to the French International Airport. The flight long but we very excited; we are from a small town and we really to visit a cosmopolitan place like Paris. When we to France, we a taxi to our hostel outside the city. The taxi driver very nice and  us lots of things about the city.

"How much is it?" we the taxi driver when he his car in front of the hostel. When he that it was 100 euros, I that it wasn't possible, but it was! That was the first time in my life I  52 dollars for a taxi. That’s the problem with modern cities, they are really expensive!

Exercise 2: Choose the correct option for each question according to the reading / Ejercicio 2: Elige la opción correcta por cada pregunta de acuerdo a la lectura

Where did they travel to?

Which means of transportation did they use?

How much was the taxi fare?

Which one is the opinion about cosmopolitan cities?

Exercise 3: Choose the correct present tense for each verb from the reading / Ejercicio 3: Elige el tiempo presente correcto de cada verbo de la lectura

The present tense for “went”

The present tense for “flew”

The present tense for “were”

The present tense for “took”

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