Exercises Modulo 8.1.4

Exercise 1: Complete the following dialogue and choose the right answers / Ejercicio 1: Completa el siguiente diálogo y elige las respuestas correctas

A:    Hey you! Is this the high school? / Excuse me, is this the high school?
B:    Yes, it is.
A:    How do I get to the sports center? / How I get to the sports center?
B:    First, across the street, go into the library and turn right / First, cross the street, get to the library and turn left
A:    Very well
B:    Then, go along Pine Street and past the barbershop you find the sports center / Then, go straight Pine Street and next to the barbershop you find the sports center
A:    Fine. Is it far from here? / Fine. Is it close?
B:    No, it is near here. Opposite the Cafe and the bar / Yes, it is far. You have to walk two blocks from here
A:    Thank you very much / See you soon!
B:    No problem / See you tomorrow!

EXERCISE 2: Read the daily plan and complete the directions using the words from the box. / Lee el siguiente itinerario y complétalo con las direcciones del cuadro:

Close to

At the corner


across from



turn to the left on

around the corner

go down

go along

at the end



Next to




My town is beautiful. You should visit first the ancient and incredible church, that is  of Palm street. the church you can visit the club to swim and do some sport.  the club is the Park, my favorite location to relax and sightsee.  

After that, you can visit the Aquarium. To get there,  Queen Avenue, turn Lane street and there you are, it is the shopping center. You can have lunch at the Italian restaurant that is . Then you should visit the art gallery that is .

FInally, walk to the pub that is and across the street you should see the City Hall. From there, Lane street and the music shop you find the museum. Buy some souvenirs and that same street you can enjoy a play at the theater that is the school and the Newsagent. You can stay at the hotel that is on that street  the theater.

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