Exercises Modulo 8.2.1

Exercise 1: Make some questions using DID and the verb in brackets / Ejercicio 1: Crea preguntas con DID y el verbo indicado entre paréntesis

1- Why you  the window? (to close)                                                                                 

2- How you  John to finish his homework? (to help)                                                                           

3- he  to class yesterday? (to come)                                                                               

4- the girl  into the pool? (to jump)                                                                                    

5- When Roland  England? (to visit)                                                                                  

6- Brandon and Sarah  a baby? (to have)                                                                                    

7- she   you an invitation for her wedding? (to send)                                                                        

8- Where  the boys  this morning? (to go)                                                                             

9- What Rob  you for your birthday? (to give)                                                                               

10- they  yoga this morning? (to do)

Exercise 2: Rewrite the following sentences in the negative form / Ejercicio 2: Reescribe las siguientes oraciones para cambiarlas a forma negativa

They looked angry at you

You hit me hard

Rose did some taichi

The teacher gave our English scores

Mary visited New York for two weeks

He cleaned the house all day long

You left some food on your plate

He had a beautiful car

I bought some cheese and ham

You saw my son last year

Exercise 3: Complete with was, wasn’t, were, weren’t / Ejercicio 3: Completa usando was, wasn´t, were, weren´t

1 - Rob with you? Only Mary and Rose   there with me

2 - your parents at the party? No, My parents  there

3 - you tired after the journey? Yes, I

4 - Liss happy after the test? No, she

5 - We late! We were early. The movie  at 10 and we arrived at 9

6 - Josh and Greta  at home; they  at the theater

7 - I remember I really happy, but you  sad

8 - I'm terribly sorry. You right and I  wrong

9 - Where  you yesterday? I called you, but you  at the office

10 - I   in the class but Livi  there. I never lose my lessons

Exercise 4: Order the following words to build up a question / Ejercicio 4: Ordena las siguientes palabras para armar una pregunta

vacation your  where  you  on  last     go   did  ?   

on    spend   you  a lot  your  Did   of    trip   money ?

was    The Caribbean    How  the  in  weather  ?

they  did  in  you offer  food  Thailand hot      ?

the cruise   you   did  do during  what? 

safari  the  were  the  animals of dangerous ?

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