Exercises Modulo 8.3.1

Exercise 1: Choose the right answer / Ejercicio 1: Elige la respuesta correcta

1.- You need to speak with technical support. I ____ you right now.

2.- If you need to speak to an operator _____ 5.

3.- I think we have a bad line. I'm going to _____ and call you back.

4.- Excuse me, could you _____ a minute?

5.- I would like to _____ to the customer department.

6.- Sorry, the line is _____

7.- Would you like to leave a _____?

8.- _____ I speak to Mr. Wilson, please?

9.- Who is _____ ?

Exercise 2: Write the following sentences in the right order / Ejercicio 2: Escribe las siguientes oraciones en el orden correcto

to John? speak could I Hello,  ⇒

me back  Please, to call  tell her ⇒

a message?  to leave  you like  Would  ⇒

moment  at the not available  He is ⇒

put Let you through me ⇒

Peter  Hello,   this is  speaking ⇒

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