Exercises Modulo 8.4.1

Exercise 1: Change the sentences into polite version using WOULD / Ejercicio 1: Transforma las siguientes oraciones en versiones más educada con WOULD

Example: I want a cup of coffee ⇒ I would like a cup of coffee

I want to learn English. ⇒ 

Do you want a hamburger? ⇒ 

Do you want to meet my boyfriend? ⇒ 

I want to celebrate with you tomorrow. ⇒ 

Where do you want to go for a walk? ⇒ 

I want to go to the cinema. ⇒ 

I want a bottle of wine, please. ⇒ 

He wants to go out this weekend. ⇒ 

Exercise 2: make some invitations using the expressions Do-want, would-like, let’s, why don’t, how about / Ejercicio 2: Crea invitaciones usando las expresiones aprendidas: Do-want, would-like, let’s, why don’t, how about

Example: To play videogames (do-want) ⇒ Do you want to play videogames?

To go swimming would-like

To cook an special meal how about

To have a romantic date why don’t

To visit our grandparents would-like

To drink some beers let’s

To have a party why don’t

To watch some movies how about

To try some new dishes let’s

To have some fun at the amusement park do-want  

Exercise 3: Take the following ideas and create an excuse adding have to, must, or would like but… / Ejercicio 3: Toma las siguientes ideas y crea una excusa agregando have to, must, o would like but…

Example: To take the car to mechanic (must) ⇒ Oh, I’m really sorry but I must take my car to the mechanic

To finish a report (have to)

To take care of my parents (must)

To be on a diet (would like)

To solve a problem (have to)

To work late (must)

To feel sick (would like)

To be not interested in (would like)

To travel to Timbuktu (must)

To be extremely tired (would like)

To prepare my son’s birthday (have to)

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