Exercises Modulo 8.4.2

Exercise 1: Listen to Bob and Albert’s conversation and answer / Ejercicio 1: Escuche la conversación de Bob y Albert y responda

a.- What is Albert doing when Bob calls?

b.- What does Albert think when Bob calls him?

c.- Why doesn't Albert have to work?

d.- Why does Bob call Albert?

e.- What does Albert want to do?

f.- What does Bob want to do?

g.- What do they plan to do?

Exercise 2: Listen to the following dialogues and answer the questions / Ejercicio 2: Escucha los siguientes diálogos y contesta las preguntas

1st Dialogue

When do they plan to meet?

What time are they going to meet?

How does the guy accept the invitation?

2nd Dialogue

When do the girls plan to meet?

What are they planning to do?

What is the excuse the girl gives?

3rd Dialogue

What time is the invitation?

What is the excuse the girl gives?

What does she suggest?

What is the excuse the guy gives?

What do they finally agree to do?

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