Exercises Modulo 8.4.4

Exercise 1: Read the following conversation and answer the questions / Ejercicio 1: Lee la siguiente conversación y responde las preguntas

Exercise 2: Answer the questions according to the reading / Ejercicio 2: Responde las preguntas de acuerdo a la lectura

1.- What is the meaning of “wonder”?

2.- What is the meaning of “at my place”?

3.- What is the meaning of the verb “get” in “do you know how to get there?”

4.- What is the meaning of “I kind of know”

5.- What is Lucy requesting when she says “text me”?

6.- What does Peter mean when he says “no trouble at all”?

7.- What is the meaning of the expression “What would you like me to bring?”?

Exercise 3: Read the following dialogue and complete with the expressions of the box / Ejercicio 3: Lee el siguiente diálogo y completa con las expresiones de la caja

maybe some other time

sounds great

are you doing anything tomorrow

 I’d love to

I’m going to work

I’m going to a baseball match

do you want

let’s go



Frank: Hello, Paul, what are you doing tonight?   to go jogging?

Paul: , but I can’t.  with my uncle.

Frank: Oh, well, .

Paul: ? We can go then.

Frank:  Tomorrow is fine for me.  until seven.

Paul: So  around eight.

Frank: OK. After that we can have some dinner.

Paul: .

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