Exercises Modulo 9.1.3

Read aloud the following text aloud and answer the questions.

I had a terrible day last Monday. I got out of bed in the morning 30 minutes late because there was no alarm, my phone was turned off as I forgot to charge my cell phone before going to bed. While taking a shower, I found out that the water heater was not working, which was horrible, it was minus 20 degrees. I got ready very quickly and went to the office without eating breakfast to catch the bus. Hey! I lost it and had to hire a taxi.

As soon as I got to the office, I realized that I had forgotten to bring my laptop. I had an important meeting and had to present a project proposal. I was feeling so stressed that I ordered a black coffee to release the stress. My God! I have no idea how the hell I spilled the coffee on my shirt, and it was a complete mess. My boss was very disappointed while listening to everything, and I immediately went home with the utmost frustration. I couldn't think of a worse day than this.

1. When I had a bad day?

2. Why did i wake up late?

3. Was I able to take the bus?

4. How was the meeting?

5. How was my boss?

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