Exercises Modulo 9.2.1

Exercise 1

Use comparative and superlative degrees to compare different media. Follow the example:

Fast Slow Good Cheap Expensive Big Small Advanced

  1. Emails were Faster (fast) than handwritten letters.  
  2. Old ways of communication were (slow) than the ones we use now.
  3. A smartphone is (Good) to communicate with long distance relatives than a cord telephone.
  4. Sending an email is as (cheap) as a text message.
  5. International calls were a lot (expensive) than using Skype.
  6. In the 90’s, computers used to be (big) than they are nowadays.
  7. Internet is (Good) way to communicate in the whole world.
  8. My cellphone is (advanced) that exist in the market.
  9. You have the (slow) Internet in the whole country.
  10. There was a time in which cellphones used to be (small) than they are now, and people lost them all the time.

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