Exercises Modulo 9.2.1

Exercise 1: Use any or some according to the grammar rules / Ejercicio 1: utiliza any o some de acuerdo a las reglas gramaticales

  1. Is there friend of you in this city?
  2. Do you want  soil for your flowerpots?
  3. He doesn’t have  orange tree
  4. I’m going to plant tulips in the greenhouse
  5. Do you have  problem?
  6. Would you like  fenster?
  7. You can get  apples from the tree
  8. There aren’t  lemon in the fridge
  9. idea is welcome
  10. Could I take   daisies?
  11. Take   roses from the garden
  12. question about gardening, please send us an e-mail


Exercise 2: Answer the questions using some or any / Ejercicio 2: Responde las preguntas utilizando some o any

1. Are there any flowers?
Yes, there are flowers

2. Are there any flowerpots?
Yes, there are flowerpots

3. Is there any grass?
Yes, there is grass

4. Is there any television?
No, there isn’t television

5. Would you like flowers?
Yes, I would like some flowers

6. Can I pick flowers?
No, you can’t pick any flowers

7. Are there some chairs?
Yes, there are chairs

8. Is there fountain?
No, there isn’t any fountain

Exercise 3: Recognize the following flowers and match them with their related interesting fact / Ejercicio 3: Reconoce las siguientes flores y une la palabra con el hecho interesante

A ) Chrysanthemums can have three to seven flowers per stem
B) Tulips have a short life, from three to seven days
C) You can eat daisy leaves, they are a good source of vitamin c
D) Sunflowers follow the sun’s movement
E) Some species of rose are rich in vitamin c
F) Orchids don’t need soil to grow up, they get their food from the air
G) Carnation is a plant that can be one meter tall 
H) Some species of bamboo get flowers after 65 or 120 years
I) The Lotus is a symbol of beauty, grace, purity and serenity

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