Exercises Modulo 9.3.1

Exercise 1: Write the gerund form of the following verbs / Ejercicio 1: Escribe el gerundio de los siguientes verbos



Listen Listening

Exercise 2: Choose if the verb is STATIVE or AN ACTION VERB / Ejercicio 2: Elige si el verbo es STATIVE o ACTION VERB

I expect that animals are happy in the zoo (assume)

The zoo is expecting some giraffes? (waiting)

Do you have a Lizard!? (own)

Lions are having lunch at the moment (eating)

Snakes are my favorite pets (it's a fact)

The chimpanzee is being grumpy again (behaving)

The beaver smells terrible (has a bad smell)

The deer is smelling those herbs (sniffing at)

Do you see the boar? (watch)

I'm seeing the vet tomorrow (visiting)

You look like a hippo! (your general appearance)

The eagle is looking at her prey (watching)

Exercise 3: Make sentences in present continuous using the words given / Ejercicio 3: Crea oraciones en present continuous a partir de las palabras dadas

I / work  / in a Safari
Francis and Joseph / play / with the squirrel
He / read / the news about the rhinoceros
They / try / to save hedgehogs from illegal hunters
The elephant / do / that trick again
Fireflies / dance / together in the woods
Birds / sing / really beautifly
Parrots / talk / crazily
Wolves / hunt / through the forest

Exercise 4: make a question and a negative sentence from the following simple present statements: / Ejercicio 4: Crea una pregunta y una oración negativa de la oración en presente simple

The dog drinks water from the toilet  Question Is the dog drinking water from the toilet?
Negative answer No, it isn’t drinking water from the toilet
Monkeys play in the whole park  Question
Negative answer
Everybody watches the rhinoceros Question
Negative answer
Tigers sleep in their cage Question
Negative answer
Lions and Hyenas fight all the time Question
Negative answer
Ants work for their queen Question
Negative answer

Exercise 5: Create Wh- questions from the following elements / Ejercicio 5: Crea Wh questions utilizando los siguientes elementos

What / she / write / on that paper? What is she writing on that paper?
What / toads / do / here?
Who / sell / this bear trap?
Why / chimpanzees / cry? 
Where / bats  / hunt / tonight?
How / the gorillas / behave?
What song/ the parrot / whistle? 
Which fox / you / talk / about?
Where / eagles / build / their nest?
How many deers/ cross / the river
How much food/ foxes / eat/ these days? 

Exercise 6: Choose the correct verb in each sentence / Ejercicio 6: Elige el verbo correcto en cada oración

The lion _______ from 7am to 12pm every day

The owl _____ to her pray right now

Monkeys _____ on the trees

Tiger mom ____ her sons for lunch

People ____ about the rhinoceros’ cage

We need boots! It _____ during the safari (to rain)

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