Exercises Modulo 9.3.3

Exercise 1: Watch the following images and write a short description of what these animals are doing / Ejercicio 1: Observa las siguientes imágenes y escribe una descripción de lo que observas que están haciendo los animales


Exercise 2: Write a short story about what these animals are doing / Ejercicio 2: Escribe una historia acerca de lo que los animales están haciendo

Exercise 3: Change the sentences in simple present into present continuous / Ejercicio 3: Cambia el “present simple” por “present continuous"

The frog catches flies  The frog is catching flies

People buy their tickets for the zoo -

The zoo workers prepare everything -

Some people take pictures of the tigers -

People do not watch the giraffes. -

The monkeys play everywhere -

Does the bear take a bath in its cage? -

The elephants greet people passing by -

Do the lions sleep? -

Does the hippo swim in the lake? –

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