Exercises Modulo 9.3.4

Exercise 1: Read the text carefully / Ejercicio 1: Lee el texto cuidadosamente

Exercise 2: Read the text again and complete the answers with the missing words / Ejercicio 2: Lee el texto cuidadosamente y complete las respuestas con las palabras que faltan

1. Why is the lion hunting?
The lion is hunting because is

2. Where are the zebras eating?
Zebras are eating in the

3. What is the lion hunting?
The lion is hunting some

4. Where is the lion hunting?
The lion is hunting

5. What moment does the lion choose for hunting?
The lion hunt when water at the river

6. What do the zebras do to avoid hunters?
They the air to perceive danger

7. Which prey does the lion choose?
He chooses the weakest member of the

8. How does the lion hunt?
The lion jumps over its and catches it with its claws


Exercise 3: Change the verbs from the text into the gerund form / Ejercicio 3: Cambia los verbos del texto en la forma del gerundio



Gerund form


Exercise 4: Complete the extracts from the reading, fill each sentence with the present continuous form / Ejercicio 4: Completa los extractos de la lectura, llena cada oración con el presente contínuo

1. He some zebras, giraffes, and rhinoceros that peacefully in the savannah.
2. He knows that soon they to be thirsty.
3. the lion already in the bushes.
4. while zebras water the lion its attack.
5. He at the weakest member of the group

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