Exercises Modulo 9.4.4

1. Conjugate the verb in brackets to complete the sentences that talk about bad days

  1. John (have) a bad day yesterday. That’s why he’s so upset today.
  2. Mary (have) a rough day today. Her boss is scolding her for missing some papers.
  3. Mike will (have) a hard time with her new PC. She doesn’t know anything about technology.
  4. Katie (feel) down right now. She told me her dog just got missing.
  5. Johnson (be) a bit down yesterday. Her husband just left her.

2. Select the correct answer about comparatives and superlatives.

This new phone is better ____ I thought.

A laptop is _____ a tablet.

My pc is _____ in the world.

I'm not as successful ___ she is.

It was ______ expensive cellphone I've ever bought.

3.Complete the sentences using the words below.

Blond – short – has - He's – bald – curly - is - wearing - eyes - hair


  1. She long black hair. She is wearing a grey sweatshirt.
  2. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He's a blue T-shirt.
  3. She has long curly black . She's wearing a necklace.
  4. She smiling. She has red hair. She has a lot of freckles.
  5. He has brown hair. He's wearing glasses.
  6. He has a beard and mustache. He's .
  7. He has grey hair. wearing a red shirt and a baseball cap.
  8. She has short brown hair and green .
  9. He has black hair and a mustache.
  10. She has long hair. She's wearing a blue shirt.

4. Choose adjectives or adverbs of manner to complete the follwing sentences.

  • Peter is a  driver. He drives very  .
  • Turtles walk because they are animals.
  • A person usually speaks  .
  • They are ; they are speaking .
  • Gordon plays very . He is a player.

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