The Canadian Global Education and Development Institute

As an international organization, it has the international cooperation division that seeks to promote access to education and also the promotion of sustainable local development. CGEDI has a team with a subject matter expertise in international cooperation projects. Thus, the Institute maintains a work area dedicated to projects, and in turn, promotes the participation of Canadian volunteers and other citizens in projects throughout the world.


Sustainable development in poor or disaster-affected communities

Access to formal and non-formal education

Development of institutional capacities for global actors

Promotion of the culture of global citizenship

Constitution of spaces for citizen participation

Promotion and strengthening of global democracy

Construction of public policies in regional development and education

CGEDI Goals of Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

>> Promote the World Alliance for Sustainable Development, through agreements, cooperation agreements, training programs, development and education projects.

>> Contribute to multi-stakeholder partnerships that mobilize and exchange knowledge, expertise, technology and financial resources, particularly developing countries.

>> Encourage and promote the establishment of effective alliances in the public, public-private and civil society spheres, taking advantage of the experience and strategies for obtaining resources from alliances.