Social Research in CGEDI is an important pillar to give answers in the organizational areas of attention. Therefore, the participation and promotion of forums, seminars and areas of social research, linked to the areas of development and education are vital for success.

In this sense, development from inclusive and innovative Education becomes the engine for the achievement of institutional objectives.

Thus, Social research is developed from social participation, the construction of the keys to development, employability and social empowerment. CGEDI assumes a permanent link between research and social innovation within the work areas.

Social Innovation within CGEDI is essential for the development of opportunities in all relevant and emerging industries in the world. Therefore, it is important to highlight that in CGEDI we understand social innovation following what is proposed according to the Global Council on Social Innovation of the World Economic Forum, referring to “the application of novel, practical, sustainable and market approaches that achieve positive social or environmental changes with emphasis on the neediest populations”.

For this purpose, we assume that innovation also implies learning to understand relationships with the environment, and with the people who build their interactions in it, for CGEDI sustainability is part of social responsibility at a global level. This is a main part of the global consciousness.

In this regard, at CGEDI we understand that any solution that has the potential to address a major development problem more effectively than existing approaches represents an opportunity for social innovation, because we recognize that new alternatives are needed to effectively respond to scale of the global challenges we face, from climate change to increasingly protracted conflicts, as well as the leap in progress required to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Consequently, at CGEDI we remain open to social innovation when designing, developing and applying programs and projects that are adapted and respond to the needs felt by the communities.