The Global Excellence Centre of the CGEDI is composed by a multidisciplinary team of experts, who come from various places around the world, that provide leadership, technical support and solutions based on the knowledge and management of the best competence practices and investigation results on a wide range of applied formation fields, academical development and specialized professional coaching.

For this reason, the Global Excellence Centre (GEC) of the CGEDI offers, not only the formation process and professional training, but rather the advisory and accompaniment for the constitution and development of the GECs in other institutions as well.

At the CGEDI we believe that on the sum of expertise and collective skills the excellence for the approach and development of solutions of the industry, where the professionals are immersed, can be found.

The mission of the Global Excellence Centre of the CGEDI

To guarantee the reach of the institutional purposes through the identification of strategic areas, linking up the internal resources and the development of their professional competences.


Why is the Global Excellence Centre so important at the CGEDI?

During the construction and development process of the organizations and institution, the workgroups and the professionals are kept isolated, and only a few times they reflect together about the acquired knowledge, the best of developed practices or even personal experiences of success. These groups are disconnected and bonded only by some tasks that just involve the management team, not the whole institution.

Nevertheless, with the advisory provided by the Global Excellence Centre of the CGEDI this can change, we can build up a global organizational culture of excellence by conjugating expertise and experience with shared goals and processes


Areas of the Excellence Centre
Formation of personal, social, and business skills with a group focus
Adaptation and promotion of new technologies for development and education
Strengthening the institutional areas introducing the Business Project Management
Improve the usage and increase of new skills on management practices
Encouragement and development on the quality of the work environment
Promotion and development focused on a level of team formation, governability, marketing, performance indicators and development of relations between communities..
Generating an organizational culture focused on the sustainability and the “Green Excellence”.