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With this Basic English A1 course, 100% automated and online, you will have the possibility of knowing and understanding the basic forms of the language, through an autonomous and accessible learning methodology, which will facilitate the immediate mastery and application of such a valuable global communication tool, and most importantly, no previous knowledge of the language is required.

That is why we at the Canadian Global Education and Development Institute (CGEDI) welcome you and congratulate you for encouraging you to make the best decision: to study English.

  1. Introduce yourself to new people/ Name objects and give their spot.
  2. Talk about cities, countries, weather and seasons/ Describe clothing and colors.
  3. Describe Current activities and routines with time expressions/ Talk about family members.
  4. Ask about homes and the furniture/ Give information about jobs.
  5. Give opinions about food you dislike and like/ Talk about sports you watch and play.
  6. Talk about plans/ Describe Health problems.
  7. Talk about shopping and asking for directions/ Giving information about past activities.
  8. Describe experiences and memories/ Make phone calls and leave messages.

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