Exercise Module 8.3.5

Welcome to your Exercise Module 8.3.5

Listen the following conversation and write the correct answers to fill the gaps in the text.

Paul: So, where are Alexis and Sam? Do you think they forgetten?

Ella: They couldn't . I talked to Alexis just yesterday. They must gotten tied up in traffic.

Paul: Or they have another one of their fights. Maybe Sam is off somewhere sulking like the last time.

Ella: Either way, Alexis have us on her cell phone. 

Paul: Well, she not remembered to take it with her. She forgets things when she's stressed out.

Ella: That's true... Oh, guess what? My phone's dead! So she could to call and not through.

Paul: Oh, my gosh! The movie's about to start. We'd better go in.

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