Exercises Modulo 10.2.2

Exercise 1: Listen the conversation and answer true (T) or false (F) / Ejercicio 1: Escucha la conversación y responde si es verdadero (T) o falso (F)

Audio 1

  1. James hates soccer
  2. James doesn’t like any sport
  3. James plays football
  4. The girl likes football too
  5. James plays football in the spring and summer
  6. James plays in the fall and winter

Audio 2

  1. Brianna loves sports
  2. Brianna never plays sports
  3. She doesn’t even like tennis
  4. She plays once a week
  5. She plays with a team
  6. She goes to play with a friend of her gym

Audio 3

  1. Matthew plays volleyball all the time
  2. His friend thinks volleyball is fun
  3. He thinks that sport is boring
  4. Matthew doesn’t like any sport
  5. He loves baseball
  6. He thinks it’s an exciting sport
  7. Matthew goes to play every weekend
  8. He watches it on tv

Audio 4

  1. Nicole’s favorite sport isn’t tennis
  2. Her favorite sport is basketball
  3. She plays basketball
  4. She doesn’t play with her friends because they don’t like it
  5. She prefers to play rather than watch people play
  6. Nicole watches her friends play basketball

Exercise 2: Listen to the conversations again and match the sport with the name of the speaker / Ejercicio 2: Escucha las conversaciones de nuevo y une el deporte con el nombre del hablante





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