Exercises Modulo 3.3.4

Exercise 1: Read the text below. Then, answer the questions / Ejercicio 1: Lee el texto debajo, Después, responde las preguntas

Exercise 2: Check the correct activities for each person according to the Reading. Erick, Julia or Both / Ejercicio 2: Marca las actividades correctas por cada persona de acuerdo a la lectura. Erik, Julia o ambos.

Have a big family

Get up at 5:30 am

Start to work at 8:00 o’clock

Go to bed at 10:00 pm

Do exercise

Have a pet

Read in bed

Exercise 3: Complete the sentences according to the Reading / Ejercicio 3: Completa las oraciones de acuerdo a la lectura

Erik Ofarril is a ______________________

Julia Works in a _____________

Erick gets up every morning at ___________

Julia gets up at __________

At 8:00 o clock Erick gets to the ___________

Between 5:00 and 5:30 p-m. Julia gets to __________

Erick and Julia go to bed at _________

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