Exercises Modulo 3.6.4

Exercise 1: Read the following text to complete the exercise below / Ejercicio 1: Lee el siguiente texto para completar los ejercicios debajo

Exercise 2: Choose TRUE or FALSE according to the Reading / Ejercicio 2: Elige VERDADERO o FALSO de acuerdo a la lectura
1.-  Jannete gets up at seven o’clock.

2.-  She has a shower in the morning.

3.-  She goes to school by bus.

4.-  She finishes work at 6 o clock.

5.-  She goes to bed at eleven o’clock.

Exercise 3: Watch the video about the daily routine of Queen Elizabeth and choose the correct answers below / Ejercicio 3: Observa el video de la rutina diaria de la reina Elizabeth y elige las respuestas correctas debajo

Exercise 4: Choose the correct answer according to the video / Ejercicio 4: Elige la respuesta correcta de acuerdo al video

In the morning, the Queen _______________ breakfast in bed.

Then she _______________ the newspaper.

After that, she _______________ her dogs for a walk.

Next, she _______________ the gardening.

Then the Queen and her gardener _______________ lunch.

After lunch, she _______________ some time with her husband.

Then the Queen _______________ to the stables.

Exercise 5: Complete each sentence with the correct verb according to the video / Ejercicio 5: Completa cada oración con el verbo correcto de acuerdo a el video

The Queen and her friend their horses.
After that, the Queen home.
Next, she afternoon tea.
Then the Queen some work in her office.
In the evening, the Queen and her family TV.
Before bed, she in her diary.
Finally, the Queen to bed.

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