Exercises Modulo 3.6.6

Use the image and select 5 items you think you’d need during a trip.
Make 5 sentences indicating how will you used them.
Also select 3 more that you’ve used before, indicate how and when did you used them.

Now watch the following images and answer the questions in them. Write freely about your trip using everything you’ve learned so far.

Now, following the previous exercises, imagine the place you visited didn’t meet your expectations.
Write a 5-10 lines complaint letter explaining what went wrong. Perhaps it was the travel agency that got you the wrong date for your flight, or maybe the hotel didn’t book your reservation well, or maybe it was directly the city you stayed in what you didn’t like. Be creative.

And finally. Imagine you’re on the other side of the conversation, and you received that complaint you recently wrote.
How would you issue and apologize to a customer, what would you request him/her?
Imagine you’re the one responsible of customer service.
Write a 5-10 response to the previous complaint.

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