Exercises Modulo 6.3.4

Exercise 1: Read the dialogue and complete with the words in the box.

Geo: I’m going out. Do you want ?
Sam: Could you buy some stuff from the ?
Geo: All right. What do you want?
Sam: Well, we haven’t got much . Bring a bottle of milk.
Geo: How about strawberry ? Have we got any jam?
Sam: Oh yes, there isn’t any jam left. We need a jar of strawberry jam and also, we need some . There is a little left. Please, buy a of oil.
Geo: No problem. Do you want to eat fish for ?
Sam: Ah, yes. I want you to buy four tins of fish and also some . There isn’t much bread left either. Would you like some coffee dinner?
Geo: Of course.
Sam: Then, buy us a bag of . At last, we only have few packets of pasta. Could you buy some more pasta? You know we eat almost every day.
Geo: Ok, no problem. else?
Sam: One more thing. Don’t buy any ! We have got a lot of almonds.
Geo: All right!

Exercise 2: Organize the conversation using the numbers from 1 to 8.

Exercise 3: Find the vocabulary related to food with each anagram.

  1. Beard:
  2. Deserts:
  3. Fired:
  4. Stressed:
  5. Gum:
  6. Melon:
  7. Last:

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