Exercises Modulo 8.1.2

Exercise 1: Complete the dialogues below according to the listening audios / Ejercicio 1: Completa los diálogos debajo de acuerdo a los audios

Dialogue 1
Is there a near here?
Yes. There is a on the

Dialogue 2
Is there a near here?
It is on Chapel Street
How do I ?
Go straight, the theater movie, at the traffic lights, it’s .

Dialogue 3
I’m looking for the
Go straight ahead, at the end of the street,
Is it far?
No, . About five minutes on foot.

Dialogue 4
tell me the way to the Town Square
I’m sorry. .
Exercise 2: Listen to a guy asking a direction on the street and answer the questions / Ejercicio 2: Escucha a un chico pidiendo direcciones sobre la calle y responde las preguntas

1.- What is the guy looking for?
2.- What is the first instruction?
3.- What is the second instruction?
4.- What is the landmark to find what he is looking for?
5.- Where is the Police Station?
6.- How is the Shopping Center?
7.- How does the guy thank the sir?

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