Exercises Modulo 9.4.2

Exercise 1: Listen to the recording and fill the gaps with some, any, much, many or lots of / Ejercicio 1: Escucha la grabación y llena los espacios con some, any, much, many o lots of.

Conversation #1                                                                   

Man:    Do you like cream with your coffee?

Woman: Yes, but not too .

Man: What about sugar?

Woman: Yes, I like my coffee sweet.

Man: How  sugar cubes?

Woman: Two should be enough.                                                                  


Conversation #2

Man: Do we have  lettuce?

Woman: Just a little, but not .

Man: How about tomatoes?

Woman: We have a few. Why?

Man: I want to make a salad.

Woman: Could do. We have   cucumbers and a few onions.


Conversation #3

Man: Let’s make an omelet. How  eggs do we have?

Woman: A dozen. We do not have  oil though.

Man: It’s OK, we have  cooking spray. Do we have  cheese or ham?

Man: We have cheese but not  ham I’m afraid.

Woman: That’s OK, I can use tomatoes.

Man: Great, we have too  and they will spoil soon.


Conversation #4

Man: How  honey do we have?

Woman: Not , but .

Man: How  bananas?

Woman: We have a few I think. Why?

Man: I want to make a sandwich.

Woman: With bananas and honey?

Exercise 2: Listen to the recording and check what is true or false about camping / Ejercicio 2: Escucha la grabación y marca si la información es verdadera o falsa acerca de ir a acampar

The city is refreshing

Being out of the city is refreshing

The smell of fire is great

The smell of the trees and flowers is refreshing

Frogs and birds are annoying

The taste of food is better when you eat outside

You can eat all animals around

There is a beautiful clear lake close to the resort

When camping you can go fishing

When camping you can go running

When camping you can rent a boat

When camping you can go swimming

When camping you can sleep all day

Camping gives him energy

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