Exercises Modulo 10.3.1

Exercise 1: React to the following news using the pictures as reference / Ejercicio 1: Reacciona a las siguientes noticias usando las imágenes como referencia

That’s amazing! That’s incredible! That’s so annoying! That’s so sad

There’s no easy way to say this but I just broke your car…

I’ve got some incredible news for you… We won the lottery!

You won’t believe this, I found a new job!

I've got some bad news I'm afraid. Someone at work stole your laptop

Exercise 2: Use the adjective in brackets and complete with That’s or that’s / Ejercicio 2: Usa el adjetivo proporcionado en paréntesis y completa usando That’s o that’s.

a.-  I am happy you found your laptop, . (good)
b.-  to be true! (horrible)
c. - I think You are a great chef. (cool)
d.-  You play basketball now? . (awesome)
e.-  I guess for you, to me was too obvious. (surprising)
f.-  Are you chasing a thief down the street? . (alarming)
g.-  Did you call her again? . (shameful)

Exercise 3: Classify the expressions into positive or negative, writing a "P" or a "N" / Ejercicio 3: Clasifica las expresiones en positivas o negativas, escribiendo una "P" o una "N"

That’s Good
That’s interesting
That’s bad
That’s terrible
That’s nice
That’s cool
That’s wonderful
That’s great
That’s disgusting

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