Exercises Modulo 10.4.1

Exercise 1: Choose the correct verb in each sentence / Ejercicio 1: Elige el verbo correcto en cada oración

After school I just _____ put on my shorts and t shirts.

I like to _____ pants and pink blouses

She doesn’t _____ wear uniform.

She doesn’t _____ wear formal clothes at home office.

My boss wears designer clothes because she _____ look good.

My father _____ wear a helmet because he is an engineer.

I do not _____ wear casual clothes at work

Exercise 2: Use the verbs like, need, have or want to fill the gaps / Ejercicio 2: Usa los verbos like, need, have o want para llenar los espacios vacíos

need to buy - want to buy - have to find - have to wear - need to buy

I a new pair of shoes, but I already  the perfect ones in a thousand shoes. I don’t really them. What I actually is a new suit for my sister’s wedding because the one I already  is too old. I can see a white one from here, I think I like it better than the blue one.

Exercise 3: Look at the pictures and complete the sentences using each verb / Ejercicio 3: Mira las imágenes y completa las oraciones usando cada verbo


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