Exercises Modulo 10.3.4

Exercise 1: Use that is OR That is to complete the text / Ejercicio 1: Usa that is o That is para completar el texto

What an awful situation we are living now. terrible! I’m thinking that everything is part of a plan to destroy our family’s name. Destroying our car, our homes and our pictures are enough. “ alarming!” said the police but they’re staying far, leaving us hopeless. How hideous to think that everything is going better when it is clearly not. How atrocious living like this. Fearing your own life. On the bright side, what an outstanding gentleman is turning my little Ron, don’t you think? He is telling me that he wants to be a police officer, surprising to say the least. When I asked him why, he just told me “How annoying to live in fear mother”. I’m planning on catch those ruffians!

Exercise 2: Read the conversation and complete / Ejercicio 2: Lee la conversación y completa.

Words’ box

Fantastic  Great   Bad  Surprising  Fine  Job  Better  Awesome  Sad  News  Good

Lucy: Hi Thomas, how are you?
Thomas: I’m .
Lucy: I have good  and news.
Thomas: Shoot me!
Lucy: Unfortunately, I didn’t get the at the restaurant.
Thomas: Oh, that’s really !  I’m sorry.
Lucy: But, I received a offer from a hotel a few hours ago!
Thomas: Really? That’s so ! Congrats! I have some news too…
Lucy: , what is it about?
Thomas: I finally got my car repaired! It is  how good it looks now!
Lucy: How !

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