Exercises Modulo 12.3.1

Grammar Exercise 1

Select the correct answer 

They've got a Cat, _____ ?

Sarah plays the piano, _____?

We can use this box, _____?

You didn't do your homework, _____ ?

You were on the bus this morning, _____?

She never liked eating on the street, _____ ?

He isn’t from England, _____?

I am in this group, _____?

You need some space in your room, _______?

She wasn't surprised by the flowers, _______?

Grammar Exercise 2

Select the correct "tag question" and read the following sentences aloud

  • Kurt Andraka´s idea won at the competition, didn´t he / didn´t it?

  • Sugar on broccoli is odd, isn´t it / aren´t they?

  • You have to be ambitious to do well, don´t you / haven´t you?

  • Girls shouldn´t ride bicycles without helmets, don´t they / should they?

  • Your sister can speak four languages, doesn´t she / can´t she?

  • Young people won´t spend time cooking, will they / don´t they?

  • Fast food is good for they, isn´t it / doesn´t it?

  • She couldn't find all the stockings, didn´t he / could he?

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