Exercises Modulo 6.3.1

Exercise 1: Find and fix the mistakes.

a. I need something like that yesterday.
b. I is baking a lot of cakes.
c. They are run in the park.
d. Do you like our last weekend party?
e. She am writing poetry.
f. We didn’t want to go shopping today.

Exercise 2: Put “something” or “anything” where it’s required.

a. I need ________ sweet like that pie.

b. They don’t want ________ else besides the iced-coffee.

c. I need to get ________ out of my chest before it’s too late.

d. Are you doing ________ tomorrow?

e. I want ________, but that awful vegetable soup.

f. I want ________ different. I’m over the same problems.

Exercise 3: Watch the pictures and name the types of cooked eggs.

Exercise 4: order the events in the right sequence,numbering from 1 to 6 .

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