Exercises Modulo 6.3.2

Exercise 1: Listen the audio and find the missing words.

Waitress: Hi I'm Lori, I'll be your today. Can I get you to ?
Man: Just water.
Waitress: bottled or regular?
Man: Regular.
Waitress: And for you?
Woman: a diet soda.
Waitress: Great. I'll be right back. Have you decided what or do you need more time?
Woman: I'll have the grilled and a dinner .
Waitress: And what kind of would you like?
Woman: What kind ?
Waitress: Italian, and French.
Woman: I'll have the , and can you serve that on the ?
Waitress: Of course. And you, sir?
Man: The peppered . Is that very ?
Waitress: Yeah.
Man: I spicy; I'll have the .
Waitress: And how would you like that ?
Man: , please.
Waitress: Alright, so that's with , Italian on the side and one .
Man: Yes.
Waitress: Thank you. Be careful, it's ! that for you?
Woman: Yes, please.
Waitress: And is there I can get you?
Man: May I have a ?
Waitress: Of course. I'll get that right away. ?
Man: Excellent!
Woman: Very good.
Waitress: Great. Are you still on that or shall I wrap it up for you?
Woman: I'm .
Man: I'll take this .
Waitress: you like a menu?
Man: Yes, please.
Waitress: Would you like ?
Man: Yes.
Woman: I'll have , too.
Waitress: Cream or ?
Man: I'd like some .
Woman: sugar.
Waitress: Have you what you'd like for ?
Man: I'll have the .
Waitress: And for you?
Woman: I'll have the .
Waitress: Excellent, I'll be right back. Did you enjoy your ?
Woman: It was wonderful!
Waitress: anything else, or should I get ?
Man: the check.
Waitress: Thank you for coming.

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