Exercises Modulo 7.3.4

Exercise 2: What leisure activities does he do in her free time? Check the activities mentioned in the text / Ejercicio 2: Que actividades por diversión realiza en su tiempo libre? Marca las actividades mencionadas en el texto

The text is about:

Exercise 3:Answer the following questions according to the reading / Ejercicio 3: Responde las siguientes preguntas de acuerdo a la lectura

When does he vacuum the floor?

What’s the first book he has read?

When does he take swimming and dancing clases?

When does he meet his Friends?

Who does he help with gardening?

Exercise 4: Write a sentence that includes each frequency adverbs from the text / Ejercicio 4: Escribe una oración que incluya cada adverbio de frecuencia del texto








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