Exercises Modulo 8.2.2

Exercise 1: Listen to Thomas Alva Edinson’s biography and answer the questions / Ejercicio 1: Escucha la biografía de Thomas Alva Edinson y responde las preguntas

a.- Where did he move at an early age?

b.- What school did Edinson Study at?

c.- Who taught Thomas Edinson?

d.- What did he become at the age of 15?

e.- How did Edinson entertain himself?

f.- How Did he improve the telegraph?

g.- What did he invent in 1877?

h.- When did he invent the light bulb?

i.- What did he start in October of 1878?

j.- Did he invent the first talking doll?

Exercise 2: Listen to Jimmy’s anecdote and complete the answers for each question / Ejercicio 2: Escucha la anécdota de Jimmy y completa las respuestas de cada pregunta


  1. Where did Jimmy lived?

            He in the

  1. What opportunity did his father get?

            His father a job in a big

  1. How was the new house like?

           It a , but the garden was very small

  1. What did jimmy ask for in the new city?

           Jimmy for a  near the house

  1. Was a river located in the new big city?

             No. there  any  near the new house

  1. Why was the pool dangerous?

             Because many  fallen into the pool

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