Exercises Modulo 9.4.4

Exercise 1: Read the following sentences and order the sentences (with a number from 1 to 12) to make a story about a camping trip / Ejercicio 1: Lee las siguientes oraciones y ordena las oraciones (con un número del 1 al 12) para hacer una historia acerca de un día de campamento

At 7pm, it was already dark. New noises started to come from the forest, but it was ok.
Before going to sleep we spent some time watching the stars, the sky was full of them.
I packed my tent, a flashlight, a sleeping bag, some snacks, a lighter, a folding knife and a bottle of water.
I prepared my backpack the night before
It took a lot of time to get to the forest. It was really far! 
Last week we went on a camping trip to the forest 
Later, we were around the fire, telling horror stories and joking.
Once there we set up the tent and looked up for some sticks to start a campfire
We got up very early in the morning and took the bus.
We started our journey and walked around four hours to get to the river.
When in my sleeping bag I could not sleep. It was my first night sleeping in the forest and I was very excited!
When we got to the forest, there were many big trees. It was big and quiet.

Exercise 2: Complete the story with the following words and then answer the questions below / Ejercicio 2: Completa la historia con las siguientes palabras y después responde las preguntas

bad dream

Camping Stories

When I was younger I was part of the Scouts. Once, we went to the beautiful mountains of Zugarramurdi. It was full of beautiful , lakes and rivers. We were far away from any or city. There were 4 tour and we were fifteen . We were and happy.

One night we went to sleep as usual and late at night I heard a strange outside. , somebody started to open the door of my and I saw an unknown face coming inside. I so loud that everybody woke up, and me too, it was a !

Everybody asked me about what happened and I told them about my dream. Well, the part is that everybody had the same dream that night, about somebody entering into my tent!

Exercise 3: Look at the picture for each sentence and fill the gaps with a word from the reading / Ejercicio 3: Observa la imagen de cada oración y llena los espacios con palabras de la lectura

When I was younger I was part of the
There were 4 tour
Somebody started to open the door of my
 Once, we went
It was full of beautiful landscapes, lakes and

Exercise 4: Choose the correct answer for each question / Ejercicio 4: Elige la respuesta correcta para cada pregunta

Where did they go camping?

How many people went on the trip?

How was the place they visited?

Why did everybody wake up?

Who got into the tent?

What does he think is the terrifying part of the story?

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