Exercises Modulo 10.1.1

Exercise 1: Use the words in the box to complete the following sentences / Ejercicio 1: Usa las palabras de la caja para completar las siguientes oraciones
a. Weather
Sunny          Hot          Stormy          Flooded        Overcast         Gloomy      Bright

a. 1 Today was a day so we could go to the beach.
a. 2 It is normally in London.
a. 3 Because of the rain, it is outside.
a. 4 I prefer walking the dog when it isn’t too .
a. 5 It is a day when there’s no clouds around.
a. 6 The forecast said it is today, but I can’t see any cloud.
a. 7 My mom is staying home because of the weather.

b. Ongoing activities
Sweeping      Drinking       Reading      Sleeping      Watering     Snoring    Chasing

b. 1 My sister is the dog down the street.
b. 2 Vanesa isn’t the plants because it is raining.
b. 3 I am a lot of water.
b. 4 She is on the couch.
b. 5 They are while they are asleep.
b. 6 We are a new book today.
b. 7 My mom is the house again.

Exercise 2: Change the sentences following the structures given in parenthesis / Ejercicio 2: Cambia las oraciones siguiendo las estructuras dadas en paréntesis

a. It is raining outside (Negative)

b. We are not running today because it is hot outside (Positive)

c. They are sweeping the floor at school every day (Interrogative)

d. We are eating outside because it is a sunny day (Interrogative)

e. It is freezing right now (Negative)

f. It isn’t sunny outside (Positive)

g. I am cutting the grass now (Negative).

Exercise 3: Type the meaning or the English word in each blank space / Ejercicio 3: Escribe el significado de la palabra o la palabra en ingles en los espacios en blanco

Good weather
Cielo despejado
Cielo claro/brillante
Mal tiempo
Cold weather
Congelación (partes del cuerpo)
Tormenta de nieve

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