Exercises Modulo 5.5.4

Exercise 1: read the text and choose true or false for the sentences / Ejercicio 1: Lee el texto y elige true o false para las oraciones

Hi! My name is Mike. I know lots of sports. I can swim and I can play football. I can play basketball too because we practice at school! But I can’t play tennis. What else can I do? Well, I can’t speak German or French but I can speak English and Arabic! I am Good at school too. I am Good at maths, physics and science but I am bad at cooking and arts class.

He can swim

He can’t play football

He practices basketball at school

He can’t play tennis

He can’t speak English

He is bad at maths

He is good at cooking

Exercise 2: Complete the text using the words / Ejercicio 2: Completa el texto usando las palabras


healthy - can - good at – play – basketball – playing – favourite - can´t – bad - can


My name is Philip. I am an amateur player. I can different sports but basketball is my I am running fast. I control the ball very well. I am an athlete so I eat junk food because it is for my body. I only eat food. My friends are good at too. We have a good team. I think we can be the champions this year.

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